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A beacon of comprehensive health and community support in the heart of Birmingham. Proudly representing nine esteemed GP Practices, we stand as a united force dedicated to the well-being of approximately 55,000 individuals residing within the vibrant Washwood Heath Area. Our collaborative spirit extends far beyond the realm of primary care, as we actively partner with esteemed NHS bodies, the Local Authority, neighboring PCNs, Neighbourhood Networks, and an array of community and charitable organizations. Together, we forge pathways to better health, fostering a harmonious synergy that uplifts lives and enriches our local tapestry. At Washwood Heath PCN, we believe in holistic care that nurtures both body and spirit, setting the stage for a healthier, happier, and more vibrant community. Join us on a transformative journey where your well-being takes center stage – together, we pave the way for a stronger, interconnected future.

What is Primary Care Network (PCN)?


Primary care networks (PCNs) are a great way to improve healthcare services in local communities. They bring together various healthcare professionals, including general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, social prescribers, and other allied healthcare professionals, to work collaboratively and offer new and improved ways of organizing care. PCNs offer a proactive and integrated approach to healthcare, and they were set up as part of the NHS long-term plan.

About Washwood Heath PCN


The establishment of Washwood Heath PCN aims to provide an all-inclusive, organized and individualized healthcare approach to the residents of the locality. Our primary objective is to enhance the proactive, personalized and integrated health & social care services for the people in their own vicinity. The PCN comprises of nine GP practices and caters to approximately over 55000 patients and residents in the Washwood Heath area of Birmingham.

Explainer Video for CAPD Project

CAPD – Culturally Appropriate Prevention of Diabetes

Welcome to the Culturally Appropriate Prevention of Diabetes (CAPD) program, offered by Washwood Heath Primary Care Network. We are dedicated to empowering individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds to prevent diabetes, improve their lifestyle, adopt healthier dietary habits, and engage in regular physical activity in ways that are sensitive and respectful of their unique cultural traditions and values.

Preventing Diabetes Together

The CAPD program is a collaborative effort that brings together healthcare professionals, community leaders, and individuals from different cultural backgrounds. By working together, we can identify culturally relevant strategies to prevent diabetes and improve overall well-being.

@sahelihub Saheli Hub is excited to launch our Washwood Heath Community Diabetes Programme in partnership with WHPCN. Further details to follow. WATCH THIS SPACE! #sahelihub #washwoodheath #alumrock #hodgehill #teamsaheli #communityactivities #communityhealth #nhs #teamnhs #diabetes ♬ original sound - sahelihub
Social Prescribing Service

Adult Social Prescribing Service

Washwood Heath Primary Care Network is proud to offer an Adult Social Prescribing service to our patients. This program aims to address the broader social determinants of health and well-being by connecting adult individuals with a range of community resources, activities, and support networks. Through this service, we seek to enhance the overall quality of life for our patients and promote holistic health.

extended access service

Extended Access Service

The Extended Access Service provided by Washwood Heath Primary Care Network is designed to offer increased access to healthcare services beyond regular working hours and on weekends. This service aims to provide greater flexibility and convenience for patients, ensuring that they can receive timely medical attention when they need it most.

pharmacist service

The Clinical Pharmacist Service

The Clinical Pharmacist Service offered by Washwood Primary Care Network (PCN) is a specialized program that integrates pharmacists as essential members of the primary care team. These clinical pharmacists work collaboratively with healthcare providers to optimize medication management, improve patient safety, and enhance the quality of care provided to patients within the network.

care coordinator service

Care Coordinator Service

The Care Coordinators service provided by Washwood Heath Primary Care Network (PCN) is a specialized program that offers personalized support and coordination of care for patients with complex medical needs or long-term health conditions. Care Coordinators act as a central point of contact, working collaboratively with patients, healthcare professionals, and external agencies to ensure seamless and integrated healthcare delivery.

east locality hub service

East Locality Hub Services

The East Locality HUB offers a range of specialized healthcare services and referral processes to address various medical needs. From GP slots available for direct face-to-face bookings through clinical systems to specialized clinics like Gynaecology, Paediatric Asthma, Eczema, Occupational Therapy, Diabetes, Adults Respiratory, and Consultant Paediatrician services. Each clinic caters to specific patient requirements, providing expert care, assessments, and treatments. 

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